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Railroad Journey - Train Games for Kids

Railway Journey – Train Games for Kids

Railroad Journey Train Games for Kids

Find the ultimate in train games for kids with the Railway Journey adventure game.  Play as Denver the Delightful Dwarf as he travels on his train around the planet searching for hidden gold, jewelry and treasure.  To control Denver use the mouse to collect the treasure and don’t forget to avoid the obstacles along the way.  With the Railroad Journey train games for kids instructions are provided on screen throughout the game to help guide you.


Fun Facts About Trains

  • The very first underground railway was in London, UK.  Although a particularly small underground railway network of tunnels it provided a significant issue from the steam engine smoke but was still very popular.
  • Did you know that the two current biggest manufacturers of trains are General Electic and Electro-Motive Diesel (better know as EMD) – a popular fun fact for train games for kids.
  • Wow!  The longest train station in the United Kindom is more than 600 metres in length.  That is the size of approximately 6 whole football fields!
  • What managed to almost obliterate the rail industry in the United States in the 1930s?  The answer to this is the Great Depression!
  • How many thousand kilometres of running railway lines does England have?  Is the answer 5? 10? 15? or 20?  The answer is 15 thousand kilometers!  Over 14 thousand of these kilometers are used for passenger trains which travel across 40 thousand bridges and tunnels.
  • The longest single train trip is over nine thousand kilometers and is on the Trans-Siberian Express on the route between Moscow and Vladivostok.
  • How many passenger platforms does Grand Central Station in New York have?  Is it over 30? Over 40?  More than 50?  In excess of 100?  The answer is 44 platforms!
  • Australia boasts the longest stretch of straight railway line at almost 500 kilometers long (or 478 to be exact).
  • London being such a busy city is the arrival or departure point for approximately seventy percent of all train trips in England.
  • Did you know that trains are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport?
  • The heaviest train ever weighed was in Australia and weighed an amazing ninety-five thousand tonnes and was 7.3 kilometers long!  That is the weight of almost 30 adult elephants!
  • The United States used to have over 250 thousand miles of rail in the early 1900s but currently as a result of automobiles the United States has less than 170 thousand miles of railway.
  • The current speed record for trains is 584 kilometers per hour by a French bullet train which took 16 kilometers of breaking to stop.  This is a giant leap from the first commercial steam train in 1830 which reached 96 kilometers per hour.
  • It is anticipated that by the year 2020 many trains will be travelling at 800 kilometers an hour.

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